Maxim's Commitment to Recycling and Green Energy

One of Maxim's metal collectors
metal recycling

Maxim has been committed to reusing, recycling, and finding alternate energy sources since the beginning, back in the early 1960's, with the sorting, saving, and selling of metal scraps and old parts. The country addage of "Waste not, Want not" was just too ingrained to make other choices, but selling scrap has financial value so recycling it is not a difficult decision.

During this time scrap wasn't the only recycled product. Shop rags were and still are made from the old clothing of the owner's family of the workers, office supplies like paper clips, coin rollers, file folders, and rubber bands are saved and reused.

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Maxim's Solar Panels and Light Panels

In the 1980's Maxim added solar panels to heat the water in the four stage metal washers. Maxim also uses a heat exchange system to harness the heat produced by the air compressors that run the presses. The only natural gas or propane used in the plant is to heat individuals in the winter.

Light panels were installed to reduce the need for artifical lighting.

Corrugated - Pressed, Bundled, and Ready for Recycling

Recycling extends beyond metal to corrugated, office paper, old literature and owner's manuals, trade magazines, and newspapers.

Corrugated is crushed, bundled, and sent for recycling. All other paper is shredded right at Maxim to use as packing in the parts department instead of packing peanuts. Of course, if someone uses packing peanuts to send us something, we will re-use them.


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