A Little History


Maxim Manufacturing Corporation was incorporated in 1963. However, it was in 1962 when A.G. 'Sonny' Easom Jr., A.G. Easom, Sr. and William M. Barnett agreed to buy a small business from Mr. Havey McQueen in Picayune MS. The business was named Packwood Mowers and was operating in Mr. McQueen's garage. The mowers were of good quality and had a regional market in South Mississippi and South Louisiana.


The price for Packwood company was $15,000 (Each investor put in $5,000). The complete operation was loaded onto the back of a two ton truck and moved to Sebastopol where it was set up in the warehouse of A.G. Easom's Hardware Store.



A Little History Continued..


'Sonny' Easom quit his job and began to set up the manufacturing process. The decks were cast aluminum and the rights to the molds were part of the purchase.


At first, the mowers were sold only in the areas where the Packwood mowers were known but gradually, distribution increased. Maxim gained several government contracts and began to gain entrance into Hardware Distributor's programs mainly through association with a fine manufacturers rep agency, Jack Wright Sales, in Memphis. Jack Wright knew the market and had an exceptional sales force. Maxim began to gain recognition.


Eventually Sonny bought out the other two investors, and with hard work and determination, saw increased distribution and profits.


Maxim expanded by adding tillers to both the consumer and the rental market. As the years have passed Maxim has introduced other heavy-duty lawn and garden products.


Sally Easom designed marketing materials, advertising, and worked with Maxim's in house sales force. She attended trade missions with the State of Mississippi to increase international interest and sales.



Continuing the Legacy


In 2016 the assets of Maxim Manufacturing were purchased by Great Northern Equipment in Rogers, MN. As the new owners, we are excited to have the opportunity to continue to manufacture, develop, and support this outstanding, assortment of products.


You can count on our customer service representatives, and our trained sales staff to answer your questions promptly. They can recommend the best equipment for your job, provide technical support on all Maxim products, and expedite parts when and where you need them. Just like Sonny, Sally, and their dedicated staff has done for over 50 years!


Maxim products are available for purchase through a nationwide network of independent dealers, hardware stores, retailers and are also available for rent at national rental chains and independent equipment rental stores.


Give us a call at 800-621-2789 or send an email to: sales@maximmfg.com.



For more information about GNE, please visit gnedi.com.






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